GOENITZ - The King of Fighters'98 UM

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ゲーニッツ オロチー族の中でも優れた力を持つ「オロチ四天王」の1人。その行動理念はすべてオロチの意思に従うものである。牧師のような姿をしており、丁寧な言動を取り一見穏やかな人物に見えるが、目的遂行のためには平気で人を殺める冷酷さを兼ね備えている。 

GOENITZ As one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi, the almighty Goenitz devotes his entire being to serving his dark lord. His dignified wardrobe (that of a pastor) and polite mannerisms give off a gentle air, but mask another side of him—that of a ruthless monster quite happy to inflict pain and suffering on those who dare stand in his way. 
  • 3 x Interchangeable Head Sculpts 
  • 6 x Interchangeable Pair of Hands 
  • 1 x Interchangeable The Lower-Cape 
  • 1 x The Book 
  • 1 x The Yonokaze Effect 


Estimated Release Date: Q4 2024