HEISHIRO MITSURUGI - Soulcalibur VI Action Figure

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HEISHIRO MITSURUGI will be the first character to be released from Soulcalibur seires. Mitsurugi is the most iconic playable character that appears in every Soulcalibur game. He is a master swordsman turned wandering mercenary from Japan ever looking for the ultimate sword and a challenge, who is a rival of Taki and Algol and the enemy of Setsuka. Mitsurugi has only one goal in mind, is to seek out the strongest warrior and challenge them to a duel then become the strongest warrior in history. 



  • 3 x Interchangeable Head Sculpt 
  • 4 x Pairs of Hands 
  • Shishi-Oh (Mitsurugi's Blade) 
  • Attack Effect 


Estimated Release Date: Q3 2023