JUN THE SWAN G-3 (白鳥のジュン) Action Figure

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JUN THE SWAN【白鳥のジュン】 科学忍者隊G-3号。 優しさと勝ち気さを合わせ持つ科学忍者隊の紅一点。華麗な体術によって敵を討ち、 爆発物の扱いにも長ける。リーダーである大鷲の健に密かに想いを寄せている。 ●専用武器 特殊ヨーヨー。円盤部に刃や吸盤など付け替えができる他、時限爆弾としても使用可能。 

JUN THE SWAN 【白鳥のジュン】 Science Ninja Team member G-3 Jun is the only female member of the Science Ninja Team. She has a caring, yet determined personality. Her specialties are explosives and hand-to-hand combat. Jun holds secret romantic feelings for the Ninja Team leader, KEN THE EAGLE. ● WEAPON A special yo-yo. Various blades and suction cups can be attached as needed. Its wire can transmit electricity to detonate the yo-yo like a bomb. It can also be exploded with a timer. 

  • 2 x Interchangeable Head Sculpts 
  • 7 x Interchangeable Pair of Hands
  • 3 x Interchanging Cape
  • 2 x Skirt
  • 2 x Special Yo-Yo 

Estimated Release Date: Q1 2025