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Queen Myrrah

Queen Myrrah is the revered leader of the Locust Horde. On Emergence Day, she led the Locust as they burst forth from underground – the beginning of a war to eradicate humanity and claim the surface of Sera.

Myrrah, a human, was just a child when she contracted Rustlung but survived the deadly Imulsion-triggered disease. Realizing that her DNA held the secret to developing an Imulsion-mutated biological weapon – the Locust – Dr. Niles Sampson and a cadre of rogue Coalition of Ordered Governments scientists kidnapped Myrrah conducted their illegal experiments at a secret facility beneath Mount Kadar. 

Myrrah eventually led the Locust test subjects in an uprising against their captors, killing all and escaping into the underground network of tunnels where they would grow in strength and numbers.

Worshipped by the Locust as their Queen, Myrrah will stop at nothing to destroy humanity and create a new world for those under her protection.


  • x1 Head Sculpt
  • x1 Torque Bow
  • x1 Locust Knife
  • x3 Pair of hands

Estimated Release Date: Q2 2024