SCORPION 1/6 Scale Action Figure

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Hanzo Hasashi was once a member of the Japanese Shirai Ryu ninja clan. Given the name Scorpion for his blindingly fast and deadly fighting skill, his life was blessed with glorious kombat in the name of his Grand Master But when he, his family and his clan were brutally exterminated by Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei, Scorpion's existence became eternal torment. Resurrected by the malevolent necromancer Quan Chi, he entered the Mortal Kombat tournament to slay Sub-Zero and aenge the murders of his kin. 

1/6 Scale Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion Klassic Action Figure 


MK11 Scorpion Klassic Skin 

Fabric Material Outfit

  • 4 x Pair of Hands 
  • 2 x Sword
  • 2 x Sword Sheath
  • 1 x Spear 
  • 1 x Hell Fire Effect

 Estimated release date: Q3 202