1:6th HULK HOGAN - HULKAMANIA Collectible Figure

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The greatest champion, most popular, most iconic wrestler and celebrity of all time, he is the true legend, Hulk Hogan, also known as Hulkamania, Hulkster, Hollywood Hogan, and he is the reason we watch wrestling, and his stage performance has brought the business to the next level. Hulkamania - the red and yellow have created the most iconic fashion in the wrestling entertainment history that no one will forget. 

Storm Collectibles is horned to be the new tag team partner with Hulk Hogan to produce the 1:6th scale Collectible Figure the first time ever. This amazing “Hulkamania” version captures Hulk Hogan in his mid era along with Storm’s unique development on Hulk’s body-sculpt that only be produced one time for this version.    

“So what you gonna do when Hulk Hogan and Storm Collectibles runs wild on you BROTHER!”


The 1:6th Hulk Hogan "Hulkamania" Collectible Figure (Worldwide Limited 2500pcs) features: 

Full likeness of Hulk Hogan in his mid era 

Normal facial expression head-sculpt 

Additional head-sculpt of “wrestling in action" (aggressive look)

Approximately 13 inches  

Storm’s unique development of full capture of Hulkster muscular body-sculpt in his mid era  

Molded movable arms 

9 additional pieces of interchangeable palms


Hulkamania Fashion:

Hulkamania Shirt in red  

Hulkamania Shirt in yellow

Hulkamania Shirt in red (teared off)  

Hulkamania Shirt in yellow (teared off)  

1 pair of Pant in red and yellow

1 pair of Knee-Pads in red 

1 pair of patterned wrestling Boots 

1 pair of Sun Glasses in red 

1 pair of Sun Glasses in yellow 

1 Bandana in red 

1 Bandana in yellow 

1 pair of Wristband in red

1 pair of Wristband in yellow 

1 Moustache Boa in red 

1 Moustache Boa in yellow