Pre-Order Policy

Since our collectibles are limited editions and available to a worldwide audience, they might be sold out quickly. We offer our customers the opportunity to reserve or pre-order the product while the product is in production.

Customers can pre-order the product using Paypal. Storm Collectibles’ Pre-order Policy is that the customer needs to pay a full-payment of the product.

Since the pre-order product take a few months to produce and arrive into our warehouse after they have been pre-ordered, Storm Collectibles updates customers about their pre-orders through our e-mails, the product’s ordering page, our web site and our facebook page.

Customers are responsible to track the arrival of their pre-ordered items through the avenues mentioned above. Storm Collectibles is not responsible for e-mail notifications that were not received due to outdated e-mail addresses, SPAM filtering, host service blocks or the customers’ inability to access their e-mails. Customers may also be responsible for additional fees due to outdated information on their orders.

Some of our pre-order products will require a non-refundable deposit (NRD) to secure your pre-order through the production process.