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Dominic Santiago

Corporal Dominic Santiago is an accomplished former commando, earning the Coalition of Ordered Government’s highest honors for his actions at the Battle of Aspho Fields – the raid that decisively ended the war between the COG and the UIR before Emergence Day. 

Since then, Dom has become an irreplaceable member of Delta Squad. Having fought shoulder-to-shoulder for years, Dom’s loyalty to Delta runs deep – especially so to his longtime friend and comrade, Marcus Fenix. To protect his squad mates, Dom is prepared to do whatever it takes.

To Dom, the war with the Locust is intensely personal. 


  • x1 Head Sculpt
  • x1 Retro Lancer
  • x1 Commando Knife
  • x1 Snub Pistol
  • x3 Pair of hands

Estimated Release Date: Q2 2024